My #1 Way to Eat Healthy & Save Money

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I'm assuming you are here for one of these reasons ...

  1. You want to eat healthier and you don't mind saving a buck 
  2. You already eat healthy but wish there was a more cost effective way

Well you're in LUCK because I will share with you my #1 WAY TO EAT HEALTHY and SAVE MONEY! 

CONFESSION TIME .... I am a Jillian Michaels fan and I'm proud of it! So maybe no need to confess huh!?!

I first came across Jillian, probably the same way you did. BIGGEST LOSER anyone!? Wasn't she fun to watch?

I LOVED her no BS way of telling how things really are. I didn't mind her loud, rigid ways of talking to people, I actually enjoyed that! 

A while back I bought her book "Mastering Your Metabolism". In it she talks about how important it is to eat as healthy as you can. She defines healthy  as eating as many organic foods as you can and also surrounding yourself with organic products such as cleaning liquids.

The first thought that came to my mind was - Of course Jillian would recommend we purchase everything organic! She must think only rich chicks buy her books! Several chapters into it, she provides my frugal butt with a solution!

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Ready to get HEALTHY right NOW?!

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