Sunwarrior Products – Honest Review

As I stood there in the grocery store line, I did what everyone else does, I grabbed a fitness magazine so I could drool over all the 6 pack of abs featured on page after page!

I went to turn another page and came across a picture of a Salted Caramel protein bar by a company called SunWarrior. Now … if you’re a true #fitfoodie like me, then you would totally get my excitement over a protein bar especially a Salted Caramel one!

It was at that time that I started my mission to find this bar. I am constantly perusing the protein aisles and am a well known customer to my local GNC stores and was pretty sure I hadn’t seen these ones yet. But I went to their website to see where they might be and it said they were sold at GNC. I went to several GNC’s but was not able to find the bars. So, being the impatient person I am, I wrote them an email explaining that I would love to try their products in exchange for an honest review.

They responded immediately and was more than happy to send me a sample pack as long as I did an honest review. UM HECK YEAH & don’t forget that Salted Caramel bar!

So as I sent them my addresss I found out they are actually a local Utah company! Woohooo! Just made the whole thing even better #buylocal !!

So within like 2 days, I got the beloved sample pack.

And, there was indeed a Salted Caramel protein bar. So of course after all that anticipation, I ripped that bad boy open and saw a typical looking protein bar BUT it did have this nice little white drizzle. So I bit in and was expecting a typical super sweet protein bar but it was not. It tasted lightly sweetened and clean. Oh and that nice little white drizzle that my friends was the salted caramel! I also did not notice the aftertaste that I usually experience with most protein bars.

So on top of this bar tasting good, it’s also really good for you.

  • 19g Protein
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Non GMO
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegan
  • Organic !!!!

The next product I wanted to try was the protein powders. They have 2 versions, 1 is just a protein drink, great for protein supplementation and the other is an actual meal. They call the meal replacements Illumin8. It is plant based and Organic! I drank one normally with 12oz water and 5 ice cubes and blended it up. It is thicker and grainier than a normal protein shake. It really reminded me of Isagenix if you’ve ever tried that. The flavor I tried was the Aztec Chocolate and it was really satisfying. It kept me full and tasted great.

The next thing I wanted to do was test the Illumin8 product for baking. Because unless you are living under a rock, you know that baking with protein is all the rage!! So what else would I do other than make some donuts!

I combined the Vanila Bean Illumin8 and Maple Grove Farms Sugar Free Pancake mix to make these. I then used the SunWarrior Chocolate Protein for the frosting.

They were DELICIOUS! It was hard eating only 1 serving!

So these products definitely passed my test! If you are interested in trying these products, check out your local GNC or head over to their website