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The first place I want you to start with setting goals is figuring out what your end goal is. What do you ultimately want?

When it comes to your health, it may sound like -

I want to lose 45 pounds.

I want to feel confident and strong.

I want to find "the one!"

I want to wear the size 6 jeans I bought 2 years ago!

Keep in mind that with this goal, it could very well change and that's okay! Again, we are human and we are capable of changing our mind when our needs and wants change.

Alright, so now that you have figured out what the end goal is, you need to figure out how you will reward yourself.

Why reward yourself? Because, trust me ... getting healthy is not easy or fun all the time. You will work HARD for the hot body you desire! And because you will be working hard, you need to reward yourself because you will deserve it!

A REALLY Awesome reward when you reach your end goal could be something like a vacation or even a shopping spree!

Now, let's reverse engineer this goal setting thing because we need to get more granular if we truly want to reach that end goal.


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