Protein No Bake Cookies





You must have seen these and your mouth just started watering right!? They taste just as chewy and chocolatey as they look!! And if you have never eaten a no bake cookie, you are in luck as you will never look back! These cookies will become - maybe not a staple in your diet, but something that you will definitely CRAVE and want to make again and again! Just ask someone who has had them before ... it's the TRUTH! Haha

In fact, if you truly are a no bake cookie lover - check out this No Bake Cookie Overnight PROATS recipe I posted a while back. It's pretty dang good as well!

These are obviously a healthy version being so low fat, low carb, high protein and sitting at 83 calories a cookie! However, you could easily eat these for the rest of your life and never look back at the regular high fat, high carb, not as high protein version.

OH MY GOODNESS ... I am seriously having a hard time writing about these right now!! I perfected the recipe earlier today and I have already eaten 3 but I want more! They are THAT good! In fact, I might just start making these on a weekly basis! They are PERFECT for a pre-workout, post-workout, breakfast, snack and even dessert option. Although the recipe yields 16, you could double it and they would freeze beautifully for your meal prep.

Speaking of meal prep ... Are you a meal prepper? I am a HUGE fan of meal prep. In fact, I credit meal prep as being one of the biggest keys of success for my 40 lb weight loss. In fact, I would make meal prepping one of my weekly goals! That's how incredibly important it was when it came to me getting in the best shape of my life!

Setting goals and corresponding rewards was another key to my weight loss success. Sometimes, we overlook the goal part and a LOT of times, we forget to reward ourselves. Sometimes, I even think we trick ourselves into believing that we aren't worthy of a reward because we shouldn't have let ourselves get that way in the first place. Well, let's just say right here and right now that we are human and we got too busy having fun with life and all of the cookies, chips and treats that life contains! We screwed up ... it happens! Now, let's kick some butt, make some goals and let's not be afraid to pat ourselves on the back and reward ourselves when we are rocking our goals!!

Do you have goals you want to accomplish? If so, let's walk through what it looks like setting them - this will be fun and easy, I promise!


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