No Bake Cookie Overnight PROATS

My weight loss journey began after my first child when I was getting ready to go out with friends and realized that none of my clothes fit and even if I could get my pants to button - it was uncomfortable and downright painful when I tried to sit down in them. I remember feeling so terrible and upset with myself that I called my best friend and told her that I was TOO FAT to go anywhere!

Have you ever felt that way, just so disgusted that you had let yourself get to that point?

I know firsthand those feelings of failure that accompanied my weight gain. BUT I also know that after years of hard work and dedication, I found myself not only feeling GREAT because I had managed to LOSE 40 lbs but so confident in the fact that I took matters into my own hands and turned a negative situation into a positive one by learning steps that helped me better my mental, emotional and physical self.

Because of the SUCCESS that I found and the CONFIDENCE that came with that, I know that YOU too can make the changes to have a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life with my help.


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