New Way to Improve your Performance


If you're anything like me, you are ALWAYS looking for way to improve your performance? Whether that means, you run faster, do more push ups, kill a new PR, whatever it is, you are always in the GAME ON mindset!

Do you ever wonder if you're really drinking enough? Maybe you feel like you do a pretty good job but at the end of the day, you don't really know. Or maybe you know that you could do better, but don't really know if the lack of hydration is even a big deal or effecting your performance.

Well NOW there is a way you can tell! There is new technology from LVL (pronounced Level) that is so FREAKING AWESOME! It can tell you exactly where you stand in terms of hydration!! This is the first ever piece of technology that can tell you your level of hydration in REAL TIME!

So, why does all of that matter and how can it benefit us!?

Well, let me tell you ...

  1. Just 1-2% of dehydration can lead to a 5.8% performance decline during training
  2. Dehydration can negatively effect your sleep! I would never even think of this! In fact, I would just assume that I shouldn't drink water because then I wouldn't be able to sleep and it would just wake me up when I did fall asleep!
  3. Have you ever heard someone say that if you think you are hungry and you need a snack, you may just in fact be thirsty! Well now you will now for sure!
  4. Being dehydrated is more dangerous than a lot of us believe. Dehydration can cause lots of medical issues some even leading to death.

Being able to have this kind of information on my wrist is so EMPOWERING! I can't wait to get my hands on one!

If increasing your performance and knowledge of your body is of interest to you. You can find out more here !

Stay THIRSTY & HYDRATED my friends!!