Why I Chose “Flexible Dieting”

Flexible Dieting


Like I said in my Introduction post, I would like to lose 13 lbs and maintain.

So how do I plan to do that?

Recently my sister told me she started a macros diet and was really liking it. She told me about a girl at the gym that introduced it to her and then showed me all the pictures of the girl on Insta.

Have you ever gone to the gym and saw someone that has your dream body? I mean the body that you go to the gym for everyday! Well hers is mine. She is completely fit. Muscle definition beyond my wildest dreams! Hahah! So, of course that got me interested. I spent the night researching macro nutrients and what in the heck “iifym” stood for - If It Fits Your Macros! I found out that following a macro nutrient diet specifically the “iifym” method is extremely popular especially among people who enter body competitions.

The part that really appealed to me was the fact that I can be on this macros diet and still eat whatever I want! That’s is why it’s also commonly referred to as “flexible dieting.” If it’s my daughter's birthday, I can have cake. If it's Halloween time and I want to make caramel popcorn ball, I can! If I’m at work and it’s 3:00 PM and the candy wall is calling my name, I can have some M&M’s! (Yes, there is a candy wall at my work - Talk about the ultimate self control test!) I have found over all of the many years that I have been maintaining - I HAVE to allow myself to indulge and NEVER cross out any food groups - especially chocolate! That’s the reason I lost 40lbs and that is the reason I have maintained a healthy weight over the last 10 years. I have experimented and know for a fact that I do not have the capability of eliminating a food group from my diet without dangerous repercussions i.e. binge eating.

So, after spending hours researching macros and finding out that I can still eat whatever I want as long as I stay within my designated Fat, Carbohydrate and Protein grams, I figured - why not give it a shot!? If it means that I could look anywhere close to what she looks like, I’m all for it!

So, follow along with me as I begin this journey. I will keep you completely updated, whether good or bad!