Homemade Protein Hummus



Are you a hummus lover?! I am!! I've even converted my kids ... I just keep the part that it's made out of Garbanzo beans or chickpeas a secret!

With this recipe, I've taken a traditional hummus and gave it SUPER POWERS! Turns out ... it tastes pretty dang good with super powers and it helps me hit my protein goal!

It's amazing how easily I can hit my fat and carb quotas, but I can sometimes really struggle with that protein one! Do you find yourself in that same situation? I definitely don't think I'm the only one because I find this to be one of the first questions my clients ask - "How in the world do I get that much protein in!?"

I do notice however that when I am doing well with my protein, I am less likely to fall victim to the typical emotional triggers that I normally do. I'd like to take a second to talk about emotional triggers, specifically how to recognize them. I believe that everyone suffers from emotional triggers that affect them through weight loss or more commonly weight gain.

No matter where someone is at on their weight loss journey - maybe they are 100 lbs out from their goal weight or maybe they are 5 lbs away - we are all dealing with emotional triggers.


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