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My name is Malea and the mission of this blog is to help you find a healthy balance between the triple F’s - Food, Fitness & Fun! I figure that if I can manage to stay on top of the healthy game with a demanding full time job and 4 kids at home, I can definitely help someone else get their healthy game going on!

It all started after college when I got my first real job with real benefits! At the time I was a single mom and had to be the one to provide benefits for myself and daughter. The company I worked for offered a discount off of my monthly premiums if I took a health assessment. I think I ended up saving close to $50/month, so I was all for it! I went online and did the assessment and to my surprise, it said that with the height (5’2) and the weight (160), I was overweight. I was literally shocked! I remember calling a friend and saying, I’m not fat or overweight right, I’m just thick. Like a good friend, she agreed and said, “yeah, just thick not fat.” Who was I kidding!? Only myself. I remember thinking I was hot stuff - I mean just look at this picture.

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It hit home at that point. I was a new single mom and only 21 years old and was not going to spend the rest of my life being what that assessment considered me - “overweight.” I took control over my destiny and started Weight Watchers. My cousin had successfully lost over 50 lbs on WW, so I figured that was a great route to go. At the time, finances were tight so I couldn’t pay for the meetings. I paid the initial costs to get the materials and figured out how the program worked. I counted points for 4 months and ran for 20 mins a day and in only 4 months, I went from 160lbs to 120lbs!


Fast forward 9 years and here I am! I have gained 13 lbs but am still considered in the healthy BMI range according to WW. I even had another child and have successfully maintained. At this point, I want to get back down to 120. With my height and build, I have determined that I like the way I look when I’m at 120. Although Weight Watchers was successful for me in the beginning, I have found that with the changes they have made to their points and for me at this lower weight, it is not as easy to lose, therefore, I am going to be counting macros to lose these last 13 lbs.

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I’m excited to have you join me on this journey. No matter which way you choose to lose weight or get fit, I hope I can be a resource and support to you during your own unique journey!