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So, you've taken the first step and you've identified your big picture goal. So, what's next?

Now, you've got to take that big picture goal and break it down into chunks. This is the fun part, I think! You basically reverse engineer your end goal.

For example, let's say you have a magic number that you want to see on the scale. I know, I know, everyone talks about throwing the scale away ... and I agree that can be a healthy thing ... but let's be honest here. Who are the people telling you to throw away your scales? They are tiny little things that can look in the mirror and see a six pack and not have to look at a scale to know they are in phenomenal shape! Hahah

I digress .. so let's say you have a magic scale number or maybe a pair of pants that used to fit 5 years ago that you want to get back into or maybe you are getting married soon and want to look and feel amazing on that special day. Now that you know exactly what it is you want ... your end goal. We then ask ourselves - How do we get there? What actions do we need to take to accomplish that end goal?

And, you can't say, well I'll just eat better and exercise. You have to get specific if you want to be successful!


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