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Your first wellness goal you should set before you write down your goal weight or 6 pack abs, should be to love yourself no matter what.

The reason why that should be your first wellness goal is because when we skip the self love process and go straight to the number on the scale or what we see in the mirror, we still might not be happy or satisfied. It's easy for our minds to tell us that because we don't look like the girl on the cover of a magazine that we aren't doing enough or aren't pretty or skinny enough ... and you know what?? That's just a BUNCH OF CRAP!

Although I'm now in the greatest shape of my life physically, emotionally and mentally those feelings of not being good enough still creep up. That's when I have to remember all that I am besides what I see in the mirror and pat myself on the back for all of the amazing things that I have accomplished. I'm okay that I don't have a Kardashian booty or even the bicep vein! I love myself for who I AM and that is exactly what my body and mind wants!

Once we love ourselves and our perceived imperfections, that is when we can take an honest look at the areas that we want to improve so that we can feel our personal best!

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