8 Steps to Get Back on Track

8 Steps

Hey LovinLosin Fam!

Let's face it ... there are going to be many of us that go into Thanksgiving Day with awesome intentions. We thought through what we will put on our plate and some of us may have even tracked it! However, it is inevitable that some of us with the best of intentions will fall victim to the feast we are about to find in front of our eyes. I'm just keepin it real here right!? I am definitely guilty of this! You see the dessert table and all of a sudden, you say SCREW IT ... Thanksgiving only comes once a year! In that brief 2 second period, you have completely rationalized stuffing yourself and indulging in all the treats you vowed to stay away from.

This one moment of indulgence may end after you leave your familys house or after they leave your house and you send off all the leftovers. It may cause a downward spiral and you eat like crap for 5 days after. Whatever the case may be ... there is HOPE! I have fallen victim to this "falling off the horse" many times since I lost 40 lbs but the key to my maintenance success over the past 10 years has been that I ALWAYS get back on the horse. Sometimes it take a little bit longer than others, but I never GIVE UP! And either should you! In fact, giving up is not even an option in my world! No matter how many steps backwards I took! Over the years, I haven't perfected how to not fall of the horse, but I've definitely come up with some good strategies on getting back on the horse! Below are the steps that I take to get my butt back in gear.

  1. Clean Your kitchen! I don't know about you, but after working for 9-10 hours and coming home to a sink full of dishes and stuff just everywhere, the last thing that I want to do is make more messes in the mess that already exists. So what naturally happens is we eat out. Now this isn't always an issue but when  you've been eating like crap for 5 days leading up to this moment, you're less likely to order a nice salad. You're tired, irritated that your kids and husband haven't done the dishes, so you say "screw it" and order a pizza!
  2. Clean out your Pantry and Fridge - Doing this serves 2 purposes. There are times when I've fallen off and I somehow let oreos and Ice Cream slip into my grocery cart and eventually into my pantry and freezer. Don't be afraid to throw out food. I get it, I get it ... there are kids in Africa starving. While this is true and tragic ... those oreos aren't going to Africa any time soon. So the reality is ... the Oreo's are either on your thighs or in your garbage. Which do you prefer? When I think of it like that, it helps me to understand that my "kids in Africa" rationality is kind of silly and so I chuck them. It also makes me think a little harder the next time I buy oreos because I know there's a chance I might have to throw them out. The other part of this step is you're cleaning and doing an inventory at the same time so the next step will be easier.
  3. Create a Meal Plan - Whether this is for the day, week or month - create a plan that you can stick to and you're excited about. Take the time to include macro counts, calorie counts, point counts ... however you keep track of your food intake. Also, don't be too strict. Make sure you include things you enjoy and can look forward to. That's what flexible dieting is all about. You can check out that post here.
  4. Create your Grocery List - Based off your meal plan, put  your grocery list together.
  5. Go Grocery Shopping - Exercise your will power during this step and be sure you stick to what's on your grocery list.
  6. Wash & Cut Veggies/Fruits - I fill my sink with cold water and vinegar. I use about 1-2 C vinegar depending on how full my sink is. I let them veggies soak while I put the rest of the groceries away. You'll notice that once you see the fruits and veggies all nice and clean, you'll start to get excited about getting back on track. Our bodies naturally crave those vitamin infused fruits and veggies. Once they are clean look at your meal plan and chop accordingly.
  7. PREP - This is one of the most important steps! You can set out with the best of intentions on all the other steps. but if you fail to have your lunch bag prepped for the next morning and you accidentally oversleep ... your day could potentially be completely ruined. If you're like me, I have no time to cook or eat in the mornings, so I HAVE to have it packed up and ready to go or I take a chance of making an unhealthy rushed decision that morning. And we all know ... once you start the day off bad ... it's hard to get it on track for the remaining 2 large meals.
  8. Reflect or Create - Once you have completed the above, you are geared up for SUCCESS. You have EVERYTHING you need to get back on track. You just have to bring along your determination! This last step is where you review your why you're wanting to eat healthy. What is it that you are wanting to achieve? What is your final goal? Take 5-10 minutes to reflect on this. Write it down if you want. I actually recommend writing it down even if you've already written them.

Let me know how this works for you or if you have different tips/strategies you use!

Enjoy getting back on track and remember - be gently with yourself!