250 Calorie Pizza



Yes, it's true what  you see in this picture! You can have a pizza ... a whole pizza to your self!

When you are trying to eat healthy, one of the least fun situations to be in is going to a pizza place with no other options than pizza or ordering pizza in!

SERIOUSLY!? Have you ever been in that situation?! I have LOTS of times and it ALWAYS sucked until I learned about this PIZZA HACK!

I vividly remember a year ago taking my family to a pizza place around the corner from my house. I remember being excited by the thought of eating pizza and that it was going to be amazing because of the smell that surrounded me! Since my 40lb weight loss, I still enjoy pizza but I will never get to eat 4 slices like I used to!

So we order and the pizza comes to the table. I pull out my phone and pull up My Fitness Pal and go to log in what I thought was going to be 2 pieces of pizza. As I looked up the information in order to log in ... I realized that each slice was roughly 250 calories. I didn't have 500 calories to spend on pizza that night, so I was stuck with 1 slice.

Have you seen 1 slice of pizza on a plate?! It is PATHETIC! Like, not even worth it, pathetic!


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