Banana Yogurt Parfait


(If you look closely, you'll see the cup is on top of my food scale!) Like I said, I ALWAYS weigh my food!

Hey LovinLosin Fam!


I have been on a Yogurt Parfait kick lately! Aren’t parfaits fabulous!? You get protein, fiber, calcium and a fruit serving all in one tiny scrumptious package. They are great for breakfast, snack or even a healthy, filling and delicious dessert!

In my next post, I'm going to talk about the variety of granola out there and which one I really liked based on nutritional info and taste. Hint: It's the one in this recipe! Heheh

Below is a super easy and simple recipe that the whole family will love for your own parfait at home.


Banana Yogurt Parfait


Yields: 1 serving



1 Banana (Use 1/2 if you are running low on carbs)

1 Single Serving of your favorite yogurt - I used Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt Zero

⅓ C Granola - I like the KIND Peanut Butter Clusters



Layer the ingredients however you’d like and enjoy!

Banana Yogurt Parfait Nutritional Info